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Our Process



Every landmark development begins with a well laid out roadmap to success. We begin our development process by analyzing the land, and designing a project with a collaborative approach that identifies efficiencies and anticipates inconveniences.


We build with integrity and development is our specialty. We take ownership and pride in every project we do. With a focus on excellence, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver high-quality projects on time and on budget.


We are proud to offer our clients the finest design, construction and high-quality condominiums for their enjoyment.


“We work every day to make Jaco the next major city at the beach.”

We Are A Local Business


Jaco Desarrollos is a development company located in Jaco Beach, in the province of Puntarenas. We provide an all-encompassing development service that includes design, planning, construction, sales and delivery in the Central Pacific area. Mr. Francisco Gonzalez, owner of Jaco Desarrollos, was born and raised in Jaco. He founded the company with the goal to make Jaco a more desirable location to live and vacation for both tourists and locals. 


We began with our first development project, Corteza del Sol, back in 2004. In 2015, the construction of Jaco Walk began its first phase. After great success with Phase One, we began the development of Phase Two and continue to develop it today. Our Foresta Residences and Sunset Boulevard developments began in 2017 and have since been constructed and completed as of 2019. We look forward to our future projects and continued success with upcoming developments, such as Residencias del Río and others. 



Sustainable construction is the principal pillar of Jaco Desarrollos’ development. We always design and construct with consideration for the environment and minimizing negative environmental impact. We believe that green practice starts with the design process. We consider eco-sustainable options in all of our developmental designs, from beginning to end.


Our goal is to be the developmental leader in environmental design and construction practices in Costa Rica, emphasizing and encouraging innovative and creative community solutions. Jaco Desarrollos puts emphasis on heading up environmental campaigns to clean rivers, reforest, recycle and re-use garbage, and stimulate a greater awareness of the proper ecological practices that we can each do every day within the Jaco community.

Jaco Desarrollos pledges to:

Integrate environmental protection into every aspect of the development process.

Comply with environmental regulations.

Participate in the development of environmental legislation, regulation and policy that impact our developments.


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